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a givenness to the image of God multiplied, but never monotonous

What do I have a GIVENNESS NOW to?

The image of God multiplied, never monotonous.



"I have said that St. Francis deliberately did not see the wood for the trees.  It is even more true that he deliberately did not see the mob for the men.  What distinguishes this very genuine democrat from the mere demagogue is that he never either deceived or was deceived by the illusion of mass-suggestion.  Whatever his taste in monsters, he never saw before him a many-headed beast. 

He only saw the image of God multiplied, but never monotonous.

To him a man was always a man and did not disappear in the dense crowd any more than the desert.  He honored all men; that is, he not only loved but respected them all.  

What gave him his extraordinary powers was this; that from the Pope to the beggar, from the Sultan of Syria in his pavilion to the ragged robbers crawling out of the wood, there was never a man who looked into those brown burning eyes without being certain that Francis Bernardone was really interested in him; in his own inner individual life from the cradle to the grave; that he himself was being valued and taken seriously, and not merely added to the spoils of some social policy or the names of some clerical document. 

Now, for this particular moral or religious idea there is no external expression except courtesy.  Exhortation does not express it, for it is not mere abstract enthusiasm; beneficence does not express it, for it is not mere pity.  It can only be conveyed by a certain grand manner which may be called good manners. 

We may say if we like that St. Francis, in the bare and barren simplicity of his life, had clung to one rag of luxury; the manners of a court.  But whereas in a court there is one king and a hundred courtiers, in this story there was one courtier, moving among a hundred kings.  For he treated the whole mob of men as a mob of kings.  And this was really and truly the only attitude that will appeal to that part of a man to which he wished to appeal.”  The Little Poor Man, from The Collected Works of G.K. Chesterton

See the wood or the trees…democrat or demagogue…man in the dense crowd or the desert?  Deceive or deceived?

Love and respect, value and take seriously…the Pope to the beggar…the Sultan to the robbers.  Treat the whole mob of men…as a mob of kings. 

To be one courtier among a hundred kings…all certain that I am really interested in each of them. 

The image of Francis Bernardone. 

The brown eyes…
deliberately distinguishing
…the multiplicity…not the monotony…of the image of God.

I have a GIVENNESS NOW to the image of God multiplied, but never monotonous.

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